Ways On How Field Hockey Is Played


A field hockey is a two team sport in which each team uses a curved stick to move a small hard ball around the pitch, the main aim being getting the ball into the goal. This game can be played on a variety of surfaces, e.g., gravel or water-based artificial turf, and today is commonly played on synthetic surfaces particularly higher levels like the Olympics. That said below are ways on how the game is played.

Hockey teams

Eleven players make up a hockey team, and each team is allowed up to five substitutes. The rules relating to substitution are not as rigid as other sports. Thus a team can make many changes as it likes during any game.

The Players position

A Players position in a hockey team can be categorized as a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and attacker both are known as the field players. The goalkeeper will have a predetermined role, while defenders and attackers will stick to either attacking or defending. The midfielder will join in both roles.

Handling of hockey stick

Hockey stick-handling is an essential game skill. Being a good hockey player, you will be required to control the ball by passing, shooting and dribbling. The hockey sticks are usually round on their sides and are flat shaped. Thus you are allowed to touch the ball on the sticks flat side.


During general hockey play, you are not allowed to hit the ball high in the air. However, you can lift it by scooping this will depend on the referee’s discretion to decide whether this will constitute to dangerous play. Also, a player is not be allowed to play the ball if the ball is above his shoulder height. Shots that are on a goal tend to be raised unless there is an attempt to block them.

Hockey scoring rules and field goals

You also need to know that scoring in a hockey game can be done in few ways including field goal, penalty corner, and a penalty stroke. Field goal refers to a goal scored from open play and is achieved when the goal is scored from within the shooting circle.

Penalty corners

Penalty corner will be awarded when the defending team breaks a rule inside the Shooting circle. The penalties can also be given when a defender commits a bad foul inside the defending team’s quarter field. When a penalty is awarded, play will be stopped, and both teams will organize themselves into their defense and attacking positions. An attacker will stand with the ball on the goal line while the rest will be posted at the top of the shooting circle. fieldhockey-2cropThe defenders and the goalie will position themselves behind the goal line ready to rush on the attackers when the ball is pushed out to them. Once the ball has been pushed out it must leave the shooting circle before other attackers get it. The receiver will then push it into the circle to set another attacker to shoot.


The above are few tips on how to play field hockey. One thing you need to know is that this game is a rigid sport and thus you need to be physically fit to participate in it actively.