How I started Youth Hockey

So you might ask, “how did you get into youth hockey anyway?” It’s really not that long of a story so I’ll tell you. Growing up in Boston there isn’t all that much to do as a kid. Making friends and finding things to do can sometimes be difficult. One of the best way to solve those problems is to join a club or some sort of sport. Out here the most popular sport is hockey. My older brother played hockey and he seemed to really enjoy it. He got to go on trips and I saw that he made lots of friends. youth hockeyMy dad was also really into it. I remember sitting around the t.v. and watching games with him. He was a huge Bruins fan and once in awhile he would even take us to a live game. So naturally when I was old enough I jumped at the chance to play hockey as soon as I was old enough to join. My dad was excited about it and went out and got me a good pair of skates and my brother gave me one of his old sticks to use. At first I really didn’t know what to expect even though I knew what the game was about and how it was played. I remember going to my first practice. I was already a good skater but I was nervous because I didn’t really know anyone. That changed fast once we got on the ice and started practicing drills. I liked the intensity of the drills and soon I made some really good friends. Many of them I still have today. Soon I became one of the better players for my team. I even helped lead them to some pretty big tournaments.youth hockey2 I enjoyed it so much that I played all the way to my adult years in some men’s leagues. A few things you should know if your kid wants to play youth hockey. Don’t worry about buying the most expensive gear. There is a lot of good equipment out there that won’t brake your wallet. Plus you don’t know if they will really enjoy it yet. Don’t over work them with drills and training. There kids! Let them play and have fun. If they like it they will work hard to get good without feeling pressured to succeed. And also don’t let it get to competitive. Remember, it’s just a game. At the end of the day it’s for them and not you. The main goal should be for the kids to have fun, get some exercise, and make friends. Thanks for reading, now get out there and skate.